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Sample Installations

I specialize in producing custom artwork for your space. Most of the images you see in the Galleries can be reproduced very large - in single panels, most pieces can be reproduced up to 8 feet in the longest dimension, with the possibility, using a special finish, up to 10 feet.

If that isn't large enough, we can also explore splitting the image over multiple panels and producing a 2, 3, 4 or 5 panel image up to 20 feet in size!

This page just gives you an idea of what some of my pieces might look like in your space.

Try our unique 'VIRTUAL PROOF" service !

If you have a space in your home or office that needs some artwork, but you find it hard to imagine what it would look like in your space, then we have the solution! All you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Look at your space and measure the dimensions of the space itself
    For example, if you are looking for a piece above the sofa in the living room, measure the available open wall space from the top of the sofa to the ceiling, and then provide the width of the sofa itself.

  2. Take a photograph of the space
    Be sure to shoot the space straight on and not at an angle. Include the entire area, like shown below

    Virtual Proof - black space

  3. Browse through the galleries on the website
    Identify images that you'd potentially like for the space. Don't be afraid to select an image that might not even be the correct orientation (ie a tall shot instead of a wide shot), as we may be able to work with it depending on the image itself

  4. Send an email to us at
    Attach the photo of the space, along with the names of the images you're considering and the size of the space to work with

  5. We'll review the specs and images
    We'll see which images will work with the space and recommend the size of the final piece of artwork

  6. We'll create custom sample crop(s) of the images and superimpose them into the space
    Using your photograph, we'll proportionately scale / crop the image(s) and place it in your space so you get a visual representation of what the piece will look like once hung: a VIRTUAL PROOF

    Virtual Proof

  7. You choose the piece you'd like
    Simply tell us which piece you prefer and/or if the size or crop needs to be adjusted. Choose which finish you'd like and we'll get you a quote

  8. 50% down is all we need to begin production
    Custom orders can be turned around in 3 weeks on average. Allow 4 weeks for Christmas delivery in the USA. 5 Weeks for Canada and 6 weeks for all others.

Finished Artwork

The Stand (Trees Gallery)

Rocks II (Norway Gallery)

The Red Chair (Chernobyl Gallery)

Road Warriors (Chernobyl Gallery)

Black Skies over the Black Beach (Iceland Gallery)

Ice Scultpure VI (Greenland Gallery)

The Grand Prismatic (Patterns Gallery)

The Cafe (Sign of the Times Gallery - Diners)

Aurora (Northern Lights Gallery)

Beachcomber (Signs of the Times - Motel Gallery)

Mayan (Sign of the Times - Neon gallery)

The Bar - (Signs of the Times - Neon Gallery)

Forbidden Doors (Asia Gallery)




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