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New Images

This is where to look to see some of Timm's latest images that have been or soon will be added to the gallery collections

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Arctic Watercolour

Big Ice

Ice Phantom


Melt of the Monoliths
Scarlet Sail Moondance

Morning Sail


Disko Bay


Ghost Berg
The Flight of Icarus


Arctic Moondance

Iliminaq Church


Whale Tail
Melting Majesty

The Witness

Ice Meringue
Scarlet Swizzle - Portrait version
Arctic Mirror
The White Rainbow
Reflections on the Arctic

Upon Reflection

Pastel Passage
Ice in the Mist
Scarlet Sails
Shape Shifter
Bad Buoy



Journey to the Temple of Ice
Finding Passage
Fading Majesty
Scarlet Swizzle - Landscape version
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