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Regardless of how you spell it, color is colour. This gallery is a collection of my images that have an explosion of colour.

Many still wonder why I still carry around boxes of film with me into the backcountry, well there are a variety of reasons, but one of the most significant is colour. Simply put, you simply can't match the juicy saturation of colour that chrome provides.

Since each film substrate has its colour bias, I choose the film based on the colours I want to emphasize. My experience with different types of film and filtration help me get consistently predictable results, something I still find a major challenge when shooting a digital camera.

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The Red Chair

Snowy Rorbu

Forbidden Doors

The Red Doors

Fire in the Sky

The Salmon Bigtooth


The Demon

Turret Arch through North Window

The Razor's Edge

Bigtooth Maple Morning

Autumn at the West Fork
The Japanese Maple
Skeleton Coast

Mitten Sunrise

Tobacco Tufa

Tobacco & Smoke

Smoke on the Water
Sand Sculpture
Adobe Abstract


Sand Sculpture II

Daybreak on the Silent City

Moonrise on Merrick Butte
Red Rock Crossing
Kokerboom Sunset

Silent Sentinels of the Sonoran Desert

Gypsum Fire

Quiet on the Bayou

Dusk on the Coast
El Barrio
Morning Twilight

Lower Manhattan

On the Edge of Dawn

The Fond Farewell

Sea of Tranquility
Ice Blue
Fire and Ice II

Fire and Ice

Arctic Adieu


Winter Smoke
Rocks II

Win ter in Flakstadoya

Tidal Wash


Ice Sculpture
Ice Sculpture 2
Ice Sculpture 3

Ice Sculpture 5

The Glow

Ice Sculpture 6

Blue Falls
Crystal Cave
Patterns in Ice

The Ice Cave

The Textbook

Window Shopping

The Locker
The Great Big Sea
Temple of Ice

Canola Wisps

Foggy Harbour

Blue Hour on Moskenes

Gypsum Planet
Buried Alive
Details of St. Michael's

Moraine Lake

The Colours of Itto

Alpine Beauty

The Long & Winding Road
The Silos

Itto Green

The Rainforest

Ponytail Falls

Hung Out to Dry
The Palouse
Redwood & Rhododendron
The Haggard One

Silent Witness II

Silent Witnesses

Silent Witness 1
Fleur of Chornobyl Town
Forgotten Stairway



Morning in the Swamp

Autumn in the Mountains
Red Rock Country Autumn
The Stand


Aspen Gold

Aspen Forest

The Moai of Rano Raraku
The Golden Lotus

Please Come Again

The Mail Slot


The Iron River
Rothenburg ob der Tober
Autumn at Crystal lake

The Colours of Hoi An

The Green Lantern

The Grand Prismatic

Coyote Buttes
Healing Hands

Oak Creek Canyon

Dead Vlei

Autumn at the Dallas Divide

Nature's Pallette

The Sands of Time


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