The Water Gallery


With water there is life.

Living in a desert, I don't see as much water as I would like, however when I do find water whilst on a shoot I look for ways to incorporate it into my images

When its not moving, I look for reflections. When it is moving I often try to emphasize that movement.

Water is the earth's lifeblood and with it, everything seems to come alive.

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Silent Voyage

Rocky Point

Foggy Harbour


Golden Terraces

Smoke on the Water


Rocks II

Sand Trap

Winter Smoke
Tobacco & Smoke

Winter in Flakstadoya

The Great Big Sea

The Dividing Line


Morning Glow
Blue Travertine

Spring Runoff

Austvagsoya Reflection

Tufa Sunrise 5

Tufa Sunrise 4

The Rainforest
Valley of the Falls

Golden Hour on the South Coast

Angry Seas

Showers in the Forest

Smoke on the Water

Fern Falls
Quiet on the Bayou

Blue Falls

Mooney Falls
Tobacco tufa
Tufa Sunrise 3
Havasu Falls

The Grand Prismatic

Black Skies over the Black Beach
Ice Blue
Reflections on Lofoten
The Black Sand Beach
The Vortex

Sea of Tranquility

Silky Showers

Vanishing Point

Northern Reflections

Sunset at the Gardskaga Lighthouse


Dusk on the Coast

Tufa Sunrise

Angel at Rest

Tidal Light
Arctic Reflections

Tufa Sunburst

The Wedge
Skull Rock
Ponytail Falls
The Cliffs of Amarstapi

Red Rock Crossing

Fire and Ice II
Morning Mist
The Ragged Edge
The Fond Farewell
Tufa Sunrise 2

Sentry of the Sea

The Ice beach
Uncertain Seas
The Iron River

The Rock Group

Autumn at Crystal Lake
The Narrows
Beacon on the Blue
The Solar Wind


Yellowstone falls
The Vortex
Mt Fitzroy
The Northern Light

Shipwreck Sunrise

Skeleton Coast
The Watchman
Tower & Gunsight Buttes
Fire and Ice

Alpine Beauty

Arctic Adieu
The Refuge
Icy Reflection
The Vestrahorn
Searching for Safe Harbour Navigating the Blue Ice Evanston Pier Scoresbysund Reflections Dawn at the Bear Islands Indian Head cave
Rocks II
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