The Sand Gallery


Sand is usually a photographer's nemesis. It has a knack for finding its way into every conceivable crevice of your equipment and can cause great damage unless you clean it all out. As such, most photographers stay away from it - present company excepted though.

I love Sand - so much so that i have travelled across the globe to photograph it. I am in awe of its resilience to staying sedentary - constantly on the move, reshaping itself, under perpetual change.

Wind producing and light revealing patterns that are pure magic to the camera eye.

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Sand Sculpture

Adobe Abstract

Sand Sculpture II

The Rock Group
Sand Trap

The Black Sand beach

Gypsum Fire
Buried Alive

The Long Wall

No Entry
Dead Vlei
Code Red
The Alcove

The Passage of Time

The Sands of Time
Fire and Ice II


No Vacancy
Rooms of Sand
Eating Dust
Fire and Ice

Ice Blue

Gypsum Planet
The Fond Farewell

The Calling

Morning Mist
Wind Blown
Forgotten Stairway

The Trolls

The Wreckage
Sunrise on Kolmanskuppe
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