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When I have my camera in hand looking for new photographs to make I am always drawn to Patterns. Patterns that occur naturally or ones that are man made, regardless they both give a sense of order and purpose. Repetitive forms, layers, swirls...whatever the medium, I am always intrigued by looking for the unique symmetry displayed in common things - it forces a landscape photographer to not only look at grand scale, but also the fine details that make up the whole.

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Patterns in Ice

Adobe Abstract


Crystal Cave

Gypsum Planet

Coyote Buttes

Vermillion Wave
La Tour

Heroes of War

The Palouse

The Ice Cave
Rothenburg ob der Tober
The Grand Prismatic

Fanning Out

Sand Sculpture

Canola Wisps

Death Valley Abstract I

Death Valley Abstract IV
Which Way is Up?
Death Valley Abstract V


Sand Sculpture II
Keys & Hammers

Death Valley Abstract II

Ancient Symmetry
Ponderosa Abstract
The Basalt Organ
Death Valley Abstract VI
Death Valley Abstract III Extrusion Badland Hike  
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