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I am fortunate to live so near so many spectacular landforms in and around the Colorado Plateau. I never tire of their beauty and am always in pursuit of capturing the magic of these places on my film.

I grew up in the Canadian Rockies, so I also have a great affinity to snow capped peaks.

These rugged places have lured me high on their slopes and deep into their canyons from as far north as just below the Arctic to the southernmost tip of South America in Patagonia.

Aaah, but there are so many more to explore...

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The Impasse

Winter in Maervoll
Winter Smoke
Teton Inversion
Nightfall at Sakrisoya
Spotlight on Grand Canyon
Reflections on Lofoten

Sonoran Winter

The Cathedral

Showers in the Canyon

River of Ice

Angel at Rest
Oak Creek Canyon
Arctic Reflections

In the Shadows of Superstition

Along the Apache Trail

Autumn at the Dallas Divide

The Altiplano

Moonrise on Merrick Butte
Agathla Peak

The Weathermaker

The Tower of Mt Fitzroy

Morning Glory

Havasu Falls

Barn on the range
Autumn at West Fork
The Vestrahorn

Autumn in the Mountains

The Refuge

Moraine Lake
Coyote Buttes
Spring Runoff
Mt Fitzroy
Cuerno Este

The Razor's Edge

Mitten Sunrise

East Mitten & Merrick Butte
Winter in Flakstadoya
The Watchman
The Lenticular Cap

Torres del Paine

Red Rocks

The Narrows
The Torres
Cerro Principal
Gower Gulch

Daybreak on the Silent City

Superstition Sentry

Daybreak on the Monuments
Superstition Snows
Yellowstone falls
Bryce Canyon

Springtime on Superstition Mountain

Back o Beyond

The Break up
Weaver's needle
The Amphitheatre
Alpine Beauty
Meanwhile...back at the Ranch

Red Rock Country Autumn

Arctic Adieu
Austvagsoya Reflection
Padres Butte


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