The Landmarks Gallery


We've seen them all before... whether in magazines, television, movies or in person:
The world's landmarks.

They attract people the world over to marvel in their inherent beauty - be it natural or man made.

The challenge I find is to see them in a different way - to capture these remarkable places with a fresh set of eyes and avoid the cliche. It can be challenging, but when creativity strikes, its immensely rewarding

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The Stone Snake

The Lofoten Cathedral

Starry Night

Schloss Neuschwanstein

Barn on the Range

Daybreak on the Monuments

Bryce Canyon
Tongariki Sunrise
Stone Window

Delicate Sunset


Ahu Tongariki
La Tour
The Taj Mahal

The Taj

The Bad Boys of Rapa Nui

Heroes of War
Mitten Sunrise
The Pilfgrimmage

Daybreak on the Silent City


Torres del Paine
Moraine Lake

The Watchman

Never Again

The Weathermaker
Lower Manhattan
Memorial in Light

The Great Wall

Chapel of the Holy Cross

The Fairytale Castle
Morning Twilight
Weaver's Needle

Meanwhile...back at the Ranch

Yellowstone Falls

Agra Fort
Temple of Kulkulkan
The Great Buddha
Kii Last Light before the Storm The Golden Lotus Angkor Wat To Aspire
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