Growing up in Canada I have always had a fascination with ice. The way it would freeze in paper thin sheets during the spring thaw, the delicate icicles that would line our eavestrough, and later in life as I pursued ice climbing.

Glaciers are particularly fascinating for me. The way they sculpt our earth, the spectacular hues of blue as the sunlight bounces and refracts within.

The icebergs that the glaciers calve off and the way that Mother nature uses wind, and warmth to continually sculpt them into remarkable works of art.

She is never content with a piece, constantly working on it, sculpting and resculpting until the ice is whittled down to it's most elemental state: pure water.

I have visited Patagonia and the Arctic numerous times to photograph these everchanging artistic masterpieces before they disappear

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At Peace

The Crystal Cave

Feeling Blue

First Light in East Greenland
The Ice Tunnel

Golden Ice

Patterns in Ice
Polar Pastels
Ice Sculpture
Ice Sculpture 2

Ice Sculpture 3

Ice Sculpture 4
Ice Sculpture 5
Ice Sculpture 6
Iceberg at Eventide

Ice Blue

Still Ice
Temple of Ice
The Glow

The Sphinx of Scoresbysund

The Wedge
River of Ice
The Frozen World
Fire & Ice

Fire & Ice II

Ice leviathans
Gold Berg
The Ice Cave
Icy Reflection

Dawn at the Bear Islands

Arctic Adieu
Ice Arch
The Frozen Cave
Dawn on the Ice beach

Ice Sculpture VI

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