The Sand Gallery


I've always had a fascination for the beauty of desert landscape. Whether it is the dry barren desert of the Namib or the lush Sonoran, each holds spectacular photographic opportunites.

Sand Dunes offer a landscape of everchanging shifting patterns, Scores of different desert vegetation and their protective cloaks offer spectacular details which my large camera was built for.

Deserts can be a harsh climate for sure, but those who venture there are often rewarded with some of the most spectacular images you could ever capture

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Saguaro Forest

Sonoran Winter

Sonoran Snowfall

The Saguaros of Sycamore Creek
Sand Sculpture

Gypsum Fire

Buried Alive
Saguaros of the Superstitions
Wind Blown


Superstition Snows
Superstition Sentry
Sentinels of the Sonoran Desert

Kokerboom Sunset

Ghost Tree
The Joshua Tree
The Long Wall
Dead Vlei


On the Move
Rock Slide
Sand Sculpture II

The Saguaros of Sycamore Creek

Sunrise on Kolmanskuppe
Along the Apache Trail
Gypsum Planet



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