As photography is the art of 'seeing', often others walk right past striking imagery. Over many years I have learned to look for the unusual in the usual, that is to stop and really explore our world for compositions that really get the viewer to think. Sometimes the images are not immediately recognizable and those 'abstract' perspectives can make for very effective images.

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Take a Bow

Ancient Summetry
Patterns in Ice
Ford Patina

Antelope Abstract

Ponderosa Abstract

Death Valley Abstract I
Death Valley Abstract II
Death Valley Abstract III

Death Valley Abstract IV

Death Valley Abstract V

Death Valley Abstract VI
Circle T
To Aspire

The Stained Glass of Pripyat


The Russian Woodpecker
The Cutting Room Floor

The Soundboard


Adobe Abstract
The Basalt Organ

The Glow

Looking Down

Sand Scultpure

Sabd Sculpture II

Gypsum Planet

Filler up
Thje Palouse
Dodge Patina

The Medical Ward

The Dodge Ram

Patina Hues
Details of St. Mikes

Forbidden Doors

The Red Doors

The Sun's Eye
Forbidden Doors
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