Selfie time at Angkor Wat

In 2018 I boarded a twin masted sailing ship in Ittoqqortoormiit, a predominantly hunting settlement of about 450 souls in remote East Greenland.

The ship would sail Scoresbysund and circumnavigate Milne Land; Greenland's third largest island. This trip would enable me to see Greenland's icepack, glaciers, rugged mountains and majestic icebergs much the same way as the first explorers would have.

Photographing icebergs the size of shopping malls as they floated past, eerily creaking and cracking as they slowly broke down to return to the sea. They provided not only spectacular photographic opportunities but left indelible memories of our fragile ever-changing planet

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Ice Scultpure

The Colours of Itto

Temple of Ice

Silent Voyage

Polar Pastels

Ice Sculpture 2

Ice Sculpture 3

Feeling Blue

At Peace

Still Ice

Golden Ice



Iceberg at Eventide
The Sphinx of Scoresbysund
Scoresbysund Reflections

Ice Sculpture 5

Dawn at the Bear Islands
Storm Shutter
Gold Berg

First Light in East Greenland

Ice Sculpture 6
Itto Green
Ice Arch

Navigating the Blue Ice

Red Island
Ice Leviathans

The Glow

The Explorers
The Basalt Organ
Vanishing Point

The Search for Safe Harbour

Ice Scultpure 4
The Wedge

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