The Golden Moai

The Golden Moai

Rapa Nui (or Easter Island as it is commonly known) is most known for its giant statues, called 'Moai' (pronounced "Moe-Eye"), which in the Rapa Nui tongue, means 'image'. While there are no true 100% descendants of the original islanders left, it is uncertain what they were carved for, it is widely believed that they were to represent ancestors of the people.

When most people think of Easter Island, they think of the 'giant heads' all over the island. Pop Culture has further spread this belief, however each of the Moai are not just a head, but also a full torso. The statues depict arms, and even fingers coming together at the waist. Erosion and other damage has made viewing these details difficult if not impossible on most Moai.

The moai at Ahu Nau Nau, feture some of the most intricate carving of the statues, with fine details in the fingers, and elaborate tattoos on their backs. They also feature red scoria topknots which are hewn on the underside to provide a ball and socket type coupling to stay securely atop the head of the Moais.

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