Doors and Windows are magical. They are portals in which to look or step through. Whether they hold mystery in wondering what's on the other side, providing new opportunities, letting the sun shine in, or simply protecting us from the elements...they perform many functions. The way people dress them up or nature dresses them down is always a wonder to me and something I love to capture with my camera.

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Silent Witnesses

Snowy Rorbu

The Mail Slot

The Red Doors
Please Come Again
The Locker

The Landing

Window Shopping

The Colours of Hoi An

Silent Witness I
The Blue Hole
Silent Witness II

Ghost Windows

On Guard

The Sands of Time

San Francisco de la Espada

No. 508 - The Doors of el Barrio Viejo

No. 904 - The Doors of el Barrio Viejo

No. 830 - The Doors of el Barrio Viejo

El Barrio
No. 136 - The Doors of el Barrio Viejo
No. 860 - The Doors of el Barrio Viejo


No Entry

Rooms of Sand

No Vacancy
Code Red


Natales Door

The Call of Nature

Die Hauschen
Off it's Hinges
Forbidden Door

Stone Window

The Door is Always Open

When One Door Opens..

Bavarian Door
Decisions II
Lupine House


To The Brickyard

The Way Up

The Way Out
The Rest Room
Electric Blue Cafe

My White Bicycle

Hung Out to Dry

The Lobby

Rothenburg ob der Tober
Barn Board

The Passage

The Red Chair

The Lantern Store

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