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The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

My shooting attire

On the morning of April 26, 1986 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in the USSR, a test was being conducted on Reactor 4. The test was to check a new safety procedure to assist the operation of the system in the event of a loss of electric power to the plant. Through a tragic sequence of events triggered by the test, the reactor core became extremely unstable, eventually resulting in explosions that tore through the containing roof and released radioactive material into the air. The poisoned air would carry as far as western Europe and up into Scandinavia, with the majority of the fallout raining down over the area around the Power Plant and the nearby city of Pripyat, which was home to the workers and young families of the Plant.

The next day, hundreds of buses arrived in Pripyat with an order of an immediate (but temporary) evacuation. Over 49,000 inhabitants would leave their homes (unknowingly), forever. In the days following, evacuations continued to over 70 settlements & villages within an area that would be come to be known as The Exclusion Zone.

I traveled to the Zone to learn more of the history of the world's worst nuclear disaster and to photograph the ghosts that remain as Nature works to reclaim and recover from the hand of man

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Reactor 4 & the new Sarcophagus

Reactor number 4 is seen on the left side, below the checkerboard smokestack. The silver building on the right side is the new sarcophagus (built by a French firm and funded by nations around the world), which was slid over top & enclosed the reactor a few months after my visit. This image is one of the last ever photographs taken of Reactor 4, exposed to the world.

The Red Chair

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