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Black & White film is capable of huge dramatic impact when photographing. Sometimes it is necessary to remove the distraction of colour and concentrate on the 'soul' of the image, that is the lighting, composition and emotion of the photograph.

I use regular and infrared film along with filtration to try to emphasize parts of the composition and maximize the impact of the image - not 'seeing' in Black & White makes this especially challenging, but immensely rewarding

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The Recital

Arpeggio of the Dust Bunnies

Cutting Room Floor
The Rock Group
The Piano

The Old Farmhands

Ghost Tree

The Long Wall
La Tour

Rhyolite Bank

Cerro Principal

The Beacon of Isla Magdalena
Never Again

The Fairytale Castle


Pueblo of the Anasazi
Looking Down
The Explorers

The Great Wall

The Old Farmhand

The Forgotten Coupe

Ghost House

The Weathered Past
Agathla Peak
Heores of War
Guardians of the Temples III
Guardians of the Temples II
Guardians of the Temples I Guardians of the Temples IV Guardians of the Temples V
Guardians of the Temples V
On the Move
Rock Slide Patterns in Nature Which Way is Up?
The Blowing Dune
The Trolls Stokksnes Off Key
Padres Butte
Heroes of War
Fanning Out The Moai Storm brewing over Tahai
Gower Gulch
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