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I first developed my passion for the far North and Scandi
navia after first visiting Iceland in 2014. Since then I have returned to the land of the Vikings numerous times.

The Lofoten Archipelago is a chain of islands in northern Norway just above the Arctic Circle. What drew me here was the spectacular scenery that is truly like nowhere else I had ever seen.

The young, jagged mountains that form the islands rise impossibly steep from the Norwegian sea upwards of 1000 metres into the sky. At their base, an apron of icy fjords notch into the mountain sides and provide both respite from the churning sea and home to a number of beautiful fishing communities that have been living off the sea for centuries.

Like Iceland the islands are moderated by the Gulf Stream and the weather remains much warmer than the Norwegian mainland; especially in Winter, when I usually prefer to visit.

Although the weather is notoriously unstable, it affords the photographer plenty of skies and conditions which reveal the true character of the land and it's people. Plus, the Island's northerly location provides a good location for chasing the Aurora Borealis (aka The Northern Lights) during the long nights of Winter.

Please have a look through the gallery and if Lofoten's beauty resonates with you, consider joining me on a photo workshop there in the near future.

Photographing the Apocalypse in Iceland

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The Swirl

Smoke on the Water

Winter in Mærvoll

Winter in Flakstadøya

Blue Hour on Moskenes


Season's End

Sunrise on Reinebringen

Tobacco & Smoke

Storm approaching Hamnøy


Winter Smoke

The Northern Lighthouse

Pre Dawn
Nightfall at Sakrisøya
Snowy Rorbu


Sand Trap
Aurora over the Sentry
Rorbu and Lilandstinden

Northern Reflection

Fire in the Sky
Aurora over the Boathouse
Electric Blue Cafe

The Lofoten Cathedral

Rocks II
Austvågøya Reflection

Reflections of Lofoten

Sund Asleep
Morning in Sund

Nightfall at Hamnøy

The Community
Aurora at Hustinden
The Drying Rack

Tidal Wash

Night Approaches
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