Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat

Selfie time at Angkor Wat

In the jungles of Cambodia lay the Angkor Wat complex; a wealth of temples built nearly a thousand years ago - a treasure to the world that remains in remarkable condition; a testament to the construction and artistry of its builders.

In addition to being protected as a UNESCO site, scores of Spung and Strangler trees stand vigil over these fragile ruins, holding them firmly within the grasp of their roots

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The Golden Lotus

The Portal II

A Window on the Past

Ancient Symmetry

Ancient Whispers

Guardians of the Temples I

In the Grasp

Guardians of the Temples III

Guardians of the Temples IV

Guardians of the Temples V

The Linga

At Peace


The Gallery
Ancient Patina

The Portal

The Inner Chamber
Angkor Wat
Guardians of the Temples VI

Guardian of the Causeway

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